Our outfit and hair reveals a lot about us but nothing says more about a woman than her choice of fragrance. Weather you’re the fresh floral scented gal or the strong musk scented gal, your perfume says a lot about you.

Scents are extremely powerful and have the ability to instantly evoke memory and trigger emotion. A particular scent or fragrance has the power to transit you in time to a special moment, evoking specific images and emotions associated with that distinct time. Just one spray of perfume can boost your confidence, elevate your mood, increase attraction and enhance your smell throughout the day.

As Christian Dior once said, “A woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting”. So if you’re the gal that loves citrus scented fragrances, chances are, you’re a very health conscious, morning person who enjoys early morning yoga and fruit smoothies. You usually opt for all natural products and your primary concern is your health and staying organized. So what does your favorite perfume says about you?

Here are 5 of my favorite scents……

  1. My Everyday Scent AVON FEMME EAU DE PARFUM SPRAY                                        

Avon – Femme is the perfect everyday scent. This delicate fresh floral scent is mild and pleasant and exudes femininity.

2. My Scent For Work GUESS DARE EAU DE TOILETTE                                                         

Guess – Dare is the perfect scent for the office. This sophisticated bold scent is strong but not to harsh and will last throughout the work day. Your co-workers will instantly know when you’ve entered the office.

3. My Scent for Date-night  LANCÔME PEUT-ÊTRE                                                                      

Lancôme – Peut Être is the perfect scent for date night. This sensual, feminine, sweet scent is sure to impress, intrigue and attract your date throughout the night.

4. My Scent for Special Occasions  LANCÔME MILLE & UNE ROSES                                         

Lancôme  Mille & Une Roses is the perfect scent for a special occasion. It’s strong, elegant musk like scent is sure to make an impact, impressing all the guest and  will last throughout the night.   

5. My On-the-go Scent – L’OCCITANE CERISIER ROUGE EAU INTENSE                                       

L’occitane Cerisier Rouge Eau Intense is the perfect on-the-go scent. This natural moderately sweet, fruity scent is perfect for short trips and running errands.


Although I am not an avid perfume buyer, due to my sensitive skin and allergies, I do like to indulge every now and then. The key to using perfume for people with sensitive skin like myself, is to never spray the perfume directly unto your skin.


*DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored blog post. These are my honest opinions and reviews.

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