In celebration of Summer, I’m launching a RECYCLE, REDUCE, REUSE project series, where I recycle and repurpose objects that I’ve consumed throughout the month and reuse them as beautiful, functional everyday objects.

Project #1                                                                                                                              WINE BOTTLE VASES


 What you’ll need……         

6 empty Wine Cooler Glass Bottles

2 rolls of Butcher’s Twine


Hot Glue Gun

Flower or Plant of your choice.

Let’s begin……         

STEP 1: Start by removing paper labels from each bottle.

STEP 2: Soak glass bottles in kitchen sink with hot water (not boiling hot water) for 5 minutes. After bottles are soaked, use alcohol pad to remove leftover sticky residue.

STEP 3: Wrap twine around each bottle in pattern of your choice. Once you’ve completed your wrapping pattern, lightly hot glue the tail end of the twine in place for maximum hold.


About 15 minutes

Here’s the finished product……

RRU2Be sure to check out all the other projects in this series. 

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