Every girl has her type when it comes to the shower – your either the strictly body wash kind of girl, or the forever loyal bar soap girl. But which is really better? It all boils down to your personal preference. The method you use should work the best for your skin-type.

During the colder months I prefer to use body-wash. In addition to its superior lather properties, using a body wash is very moisturizing for my skin especially in the frigid winter temps. Body wash keeps my skin super soft throughout the day allowing me to skip the constant re-application of lotion on a normal winter day.

In case you haven’t already noticed from the photo, bar soaps are my personal favorite cleansing tools. They are great shower essentials for the warmer months. In addition to leaving my skin feeling extra clean, bar soaps also leaves my skin with a lasting fresh scent throughout the day. The light, fresh feel bar soaps gives my body helps to combat the sticky, sweaty feel of my skin in the warmer temperatures. Because my skin is super sensitive, I usually stick to soaps that are 100% natural, organic and not harsh on the skin.

Some of my current favorite Bar Soaps include:

1. Dr. Bronners All-One Hemp Peppermint (Pure Castile Soap)

2. Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Soap

3. Shea Moisture  Raw Shea Chamomile and Argan Oil (Baby Eczema Bar Soap)

4. Ology Lemon Grass and Olive Oil (Triple Milled Soap)

5. Clearly Natural Essentials Cucumber (Glycerin Bar Soap)

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