20 Random Facts about Britt……

  1. I enjoy spending time alone.
  2. I hate desserts and don’t eat chocolate, ice cream, cupcakes, pies or most other dessert dishes. (I know, wired right, that’s what everyone says)
  3. I am a perfectionist.
  4. I have a HUGE fear of enclosed spaces, as they make me feel trapped. (Elevators, Airplanes, The Subway Station, Small Rooms)
  5. I had a near fatal experience when I was 10 years old.
  6. I can recite all the words and lyrics to Sister Act 2.
  7. I’m a huge GERMAPHOBE and can’t leave the house without my hand sanitizer.
  8. I’m the middle child and often experience “Middle Child Syndrome”. (At least according to my older sister)
  9. I didn’t go to my High School or Junior High School Prom.
  10. I had really bad allergies throughout majority of my life.
  11. My initials spell the word BEG.
  12. I’ve NEVER had a bad hair day, like ever!
  13. My first “real” relationship was at 19.
  14. I’ve never been on an airplane in my adult years.
  15. I LOVE cooking and trying new recipes.
  16. I ALWAYS  forget to close things back up, and it usually results in countless spills.
  17. I over think EVERYTHING.
  18. I get really shy when a lot of people are around.
  19. All of my siblings names begins with the letters B or K.
  20. I’ve NEVER been on a Roller Coaster and not planing too anytime soon.

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