In addition to bringing order to your week, having a routine helps to simplify your work day and personal life, allowing you to effectively manage your time. It helps to ensure on-time completion of important projects while giving you the opportunity to indulge in responsible leisurely activities.

Having a weekly routine allows me to take control of my week and time. I am able to enjoy time out with my friends, fulfill any home/personal duties that may arise, complete all or most of my work related projects and still have down time for myself. A routine helps to keep my everyday life balanced, giving each week a more ordered, less chaotic and stress-free feeling.

Here’s how I do it……


I’m a morning person and usually like to start my day really early. On a normal weekday I will wake up 2 hours before leaving for work and:

  1. Make my Bed
  2. Shower/Get ready
  3. Eat Breakfast
  4. Make a To-Do List
  5. Pack my Lunch for Work



By the time I get out of work I am usually pretty tired and if I don’t have anything planned I like to come straight home and:

  1. Make Dinner/Hang with the Sibs
  2. Shower
  3. Make notes in my Planner for the next day
  4. Edit Blog Post for the next day
  5. Watch a movie/television show until I fall asleep



I LOVE the weekends and usually use this time to enjoy lots of leisurely activities. My weekends regularly consist of sleeping in late, big breakfast dishes and tons of relaxing.

FRIDAY – I usually don’t cook on Fridays, always to eat out.

SATURDAY – On Saturdays I usually do all of my Grocery/Framer’s Market Shopping     along with laundry and any house cleaning projects. My Saturdays nights are generally used for leisurely activities.

SUNDAY – Sundays are my Beauty/Detox days and I normally use this time to do my           weekly face/body exfoliation, Manicure and Pedicure, Hair Rejuvenation, etc.


Every month, once a week, usually when the month is ending, I go VEGAN! This just helps my body to naturally cleanse and clear out any toxins or bad food I may have consumed throughout the week.


A few helpful tips for you!

Make a daily to-do list this way you can keep track of all the important things you need to complete before the day is over; This may can include both work and personal tasks.


Invest in a planner this way you can keep a record of important dates and events. In addition to being the perfect place to record all the dates and payments of your current bills, a planner helps to keep track of that yearly physical you are supposed to book or that career enhancing networking event your best friend asked you to attend next month.


Every Friday make a weekend to-do list, this way you can keep track of everything you need to get done on the weekend like your laundry, house cleaning projects, workouts, errands etc.


Indulging in leisurely activities can be very therapeutic, fun and healthy for us all, especially after a long work week. As long as hanging out with the girls does not interfere with that big project you need to get done for work or that important errand your dad asked you to take care of, your all good!


Starting a routine is hard but sticking to a routine is even harder, but hang in there, once you’ve establish your routine and your comfortable doing it, it will become normal.




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