10 Things to do Every Night to have the Best Morning Ever!

1. Prepare your Lunch.

Shave minutes off of your morning routine by preparing your Lunch for school or work overnight. Preparing your Lunch the night before school or work insures that your mornings are as simple and effortless as possible, with your only task being “grab and go”. In addition to being a healthier more nutritious option, packing a lunch for work or school is a smart way to save money and cut cost.

2. Take a Warm Shower.

Nothing relieves the stress of a long day like a warm relaxing bath or shower. All it takes is just a few minutes and a warm bath or shower will sooth, calm and relax your body. Not only will you sleep better but your body will endure a much needed state of freedom as it relieves the tension and stress of a long days work. For the ultimate relaxing bath or shower, try adding in a bubble bath along with a few scented candles and soothing music, these elements are sure to take your night to the next level!

3. Pick out your Clothes.

You probably haven’t done this since you were in middle school but you will be surprised at how much faster it takes you to get ready in the morning when you pick out your clothes overnight. Having your clothes laid out and ironed the night before school or work will make your mornings a breeze!

4. Plan the next Day.

Nothing brings productivity to a day like planning it out the night before. Whether it’s jotting down a list of goals you need to accomplish or making a simple to-do list, planning for the next day helps you to keep track of everything you need to get done in an organized and free flowing manner.

5. Relax.

It’s always right before we go to sleep when our minds are weighing heavily with worries, tensions, emotions and next day duties that often times prevents us from falling asleep. So what’s the solution to this small but relatively common problem that constantly keeps us from having the best sleep ever? By simply blocking the negative things out and filling your mind with all the positive highlights of the day. Try taking a few minutes before bed to practice meditation, yoga or deep breathing these exercises will put your mind and body at ease, helping to insure that you get best sleep ever!

6. Drink a glass of Water.

Drinking water has many benefits, whether it’s improving your overall health or keeping you hydrated, water contains valuable nutrients that your body needs in order to function properly. In addition to helping to clear up acne drinking a glass of water before bed helps with food digestion and maintaing a healthy weight. It also helps your body replenish the fluids it looses throughout the day while riding the body of any unwanted toxins. Drinking a glass of water before bed will help you feel better and look better!

7. Set your Alarm.

OK, lets admit it, NO ONE likes waking up to the annoying sound of an alarm at 6AM every morning, BUT it’s even more annoying when you forget to set your alarm the night before and wake up 10 minutes before you have leave out, scrambling around to get yourself and your things together. Setting your alarm the night before makes certain that your morning routine is followed through smoothly and more importantly, it acts as a safeguard for you to arrive to work or school on time.

8. Say I Love You.

Telling your love ones you love them before going to bed every night is probably one of the most important things you can do. Whether it’s to a spouse, a parent, sibling or child, saying I love you can strengthen the bond you have with someone in any relationship.

9. Charge your phone.

Don’t you hate it when your on the train and everyone around you is occupied with their phones and your just standing there staring into space because your phone is dead and you can’t use it? Yea, I hate it too. Charging your phone every night before bed insures that your morning commute is entertaining and “wired stranger encounter- free”. It also gives you the opportunity to get a head-start on your workload, allowing you to check in on emails and review your morning to-do list.

10. Go to bed Early.

When it comes to a good night’s rest every minute counts, by going to bed early at night you will be able to assure that you are fully rested and ready to jump start the next day. In addition to fueling your body with energy, going to bed early and getting 8 hours of sleep helps to increase your productivity and cognition; You will start the day with a great attitude, focused and ready to take care of business. Going to bed early also helps to improve your look, preventing under eye bags, dark circles and pale complexion. You will start you day looking fresh!


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