FALL Skincare Essentials!

FALL has officially arrived which means it’s time to adjust your skincare routine. With shorter days, lower temps and drier air it is essential to keep our skin moisturized. Proper moisturizing of the skin will allow you to maintain radiant, soft, flake-free skin throughout the Fall.

Here are 7 Skincare tips for Fall to keep your skin looking good all season!

1. Protect your Lips.

Lower temps and drier air means that our lips are prone to becoming dry and cracked; keep your lips moisturized and protected with a natural non-petroleum based lip balm.

Try KORRES  LIP BUTTER – Jasmine                                                                           $12.00,  available at most Sephora, korresusa.com

2. Keep your hands protected.

In the Fall our hands are usually the first part of our bodies to become dry and parched. With cooler temps and constant washing our hands need extra moisture to stay soft.

Try BURT’S BEES BEESWAX HAND CRÈME – Almond Milk                                                 $9.00,  available at most drug stores, burtsbees.com

3. Exfoliate.

Scrub away the remnants of dry flaky skin with an oil based scrub. Oil based scrubs are great for the Fall because of their ability to hydrate and nourish dry skin with natural oils while exfoliating to remove dead skin cells at the same time.

Try ECO TOOLS PURE COMPLEXION FACIAL SPONGE Charcoal                                $5.99,  available at most drug stores, ecotools.com

4. Invest in a creamy Body Wash.

Ditch the soap, it’s time to switch to a creamy body wash. In the cooler months our bodies tends to loose it’s natural moisture, using a natural creamy body wash helps to restore moisture as it hydrates the skin.

Try AVEENO POSITIVELY NOURISHING BODY WASH lavender, Chamomile + ylang-ylang                                                                                                $5.99,  available at most drug stores, aveeno.com

5. Get your Lotion on.

Now that summer is over we can finally get our lotion on! With lower temps and drier air our skin needs extra moisture to stay hydrated and protected. Use as much lotion as you need!

Try SHEA MOISTURE BODY LOTION Raw Shea Butter                                               $9.99,  available at most drug stores, sheamoisture.com

6. Don’t neglect your Cuticles.

Because it’s Fall and our feet are normally hidden away under shoes we tend to neglect our nails and cuticles. Skipping the task of getting a mani/ pedi every two weeks doesn’t mean you should avoid taking care of your nails. Like our skin, our cuticles can become very dry in the cooler months.

Try LAUREN B. BEAUTY Nail & Cuticle Balm                                                                   $30, available at laurenbbeauty.com

7. Switch to an oil-based Moisturizer.

As temperatures drop, the need for our skin to retain moisture becomes more important. Switching your facial moisturizer from a light oil-free moisturizer to a rich oil-based moisturizer insures that our skin remains moisturized and soft throughout the fall and winter months.

Try ESPA CALM AND SMOOTH MOISTURIZER                                                                $76, available at espaskincare.com


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