BRITTNEY DISHES |Socks on Socks on Socks!

Scarves, Sweaters, Jackets, Oxfords and Boots, Fall is definitely my favorite season; lower temps offer the perfect excuse to up your layering game. Not only does layering your clothing helps you to stay warm in the Fall months, but it also makes your outfit more visually interesting. Fall weather is also the best time of the year to stock up on cute socks, and what girl doesn’t love cute socks!

My obsession with socks grew even bigger this weekend as I went to a huge sock shopping spree.

Here are some of my favorite places to shop for socks for the Fall and Winter months:



J. CREW has the cutest socks ever! Aside from their fun, bold patterns, J. Crew socks are soft, warm, stretchy and great for pairing with oxfords or boots.


Most Expensive – $16.50

Least Expensive – $4.99

Shop J. Crew socks in-stores or online


HM has the most comfortable socks ever! From solid everyday basics to fun casual patterns, HM has socks for any occasion. Warm, super cozy and extra comfortable, HM socks are great essentials for your Fall dress-code!


Most Expensive – $12.99

Least Expensive – $6.99

Shop HM socks in-stores or online

oldnavy socks


OLD NAVY has the most affordable quality socks ever! With price options under $10 and a relatively large variety of colors and patterns, Old Navy socks are a great fall accessory bargain.


Most Expensive – $10

Least Expensive – $5

Shop Old Navy socks in-stores or online




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