PILING ON THE LAYERS: Updating Your Skincare Regimen for the Winter!

 Winter is vastly approaching, lower temps and drier air calls for heavy creams and serums to protect our skin. Piling on layers is essential to protect our skin form drying out in the frigid cold temps, it also helps product  our skin from breakouts that could result from overly dry skin. Just using a Facial Moisturizer sometimes is just not enough, this is why adding natural serums, oils and creams are important in out winter skincare regimens. But lets face it not everyone’s skin works the same, the most important thing to remember is to know exactly how your skin works, what personalized routine works best for your skin, and what products maintain results. 

Tammy Fender and ESPA are the go-to brands in my transition-to-spring skincare products. 



The Tammy Fender Line is a collection of 100% natural botanical products that are crafted to enrich, purify and protect the skin. The products are exquisitely handmade and purely refined, promoting the natural outcome of finding true balance with healthy, glowing skin! The all-natural blends of ingredients in each product are a combination of deep healing and nourishment working to bring the skin into a perfect balance. Each formula is created with 100% organic food-grade ingredients all reflecting the ancient tradition of holistic medicine and stimulation of wellness. 


The ESPA Line is a collection of natural skincare and  luxury spa care products. The internationally made products are 100% natural and are rich in heritage, texture and aroma. 



PRODUCT NAME: Purifying Cleansing Gel – Spearmint & Alfalfa 

CLAIMS: Fresh infusions of purifying herbs combined with oxygenating Spearmint and phytonutriet rich organic Alfalfa gently and effectively cleanse impurities, detoxify and balance the skin, leaving the complexion throughly clean and radiant.  MY REVIEW: Clears complexion, clarifies, oxygenates and energies skin

MY REVIEW: Balances skin-tone and clears complexion.



PRODUCT NAME:  Essential C  Tonic  

CLAIMS: Essential C Tonic is a refreshing toner that purifies and invigorates skin with its rich herb infusion. Hibiscus helps eliminate toxins, lemongrass refreshes and balances skin tone, while rosemary and bergamot act as a natural astringent. Orange peel extracts provide a burst of vitamin C that helps brighten your complexion.

MY REVIEW: Tones skin, refreshes and balances skin-tone. 



PRODUCT NAME: Bulgarian Rose Water  

CLAIMS: Exquisite and pure, the rejuvenating effects of Bulgarian Rose Water strengthens and tones the delicate tissues of the skin, balancing and restoring vital chi (energy), leaving the complexion supple and revitalized.  

MY REVIEW: Tones complexion and softens the skin.



PRODUCT NAME: Clarifying Dermagel

CLAIMS: This super-charged healing gel restores balance to irritated, acne prone or blemished skin, purifying the complexion and assisting in the prevention of scarring. A trio of powerfully detoxifying natural antiseptics – Thyme, Myrrh and Tea Tree – support the inhibition of excess oils while never over drying skin, resulting in a luminous radiance.

MY REVIEW:  Helps prevent acne and detoxifies skin.



PRODUCT NAME: Antioxidant Creme – Neroli & Orange

CLAIMS: This multi-vitamin-in-a-jar is prized for its nourishing, anti-oxidant and collagen-stimulating benefits. Neroli helps heal scar tissue, improve elasticity and balance over-active sebum. Calming and grounding, sweet orange enhances the skin’s immunity and hydration while plant butters moisturize and naturally filters UV light. 

MY REVIEW: Builds collagen and helps heal scar tissues. 




PRODUCT NAME: Quintessential Serum 

CLAIMS: This deep-penetrating, ultra-moisturizing treatment replenishes, restores, and weathersproofs the skin by combining essential fatty and gamma linolenic oils, multivitamins, and the exquisite anti-aging properties of Rose, Chamomile and Frankincense. Food for the cells, it offers pure rejuvenation. 

MY REVIEW:  Helps, protects, and moisturizes the skin.




PRODUCT NAME: Calm and Smooth Moisturizer  

CLAIMS: A deeply comforting cream to help cool and pacify redness and rosacea in highly sensitive skin leaving highly sensitive skin prone to redness, roascea and inflamed acne softened, nourished and comforted.

MY REVIEW: Leaves skin super soft and subtle without feeling heavy. 





CLAIMS: The active benefits of multiple plant extracts to deliver naturally beautiful skin. Enriched with omega (3,6,& 9), vitamins (A & E) and proactive natural extracts turmeric and white lupin, this advanced pro-serum helps and even skin-tone, enhances elasticity, firms and protects against premature aging.

MY REVIEW: Moisturizes skin leaving a radiant glow.




TAMMY FENDER products are available exclusively Bloomingdales, Saks Fifth Ave and these Online Retail Stores.

ESPA products are available exclusively at www.espaskincare.com


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