Coloring has always been viewed as an extra-curricular activity for children but recently, coloring books for adults has become the latest trend. As opposed to some fads, this trend is remarkably beneficial, generating relaxation and wellness properties as well as helping to relieve stress and anxiety.

People around the world are enjoying this simple form of Art Therapy. Although it may not be able to cure any disease or illness, coloring can make living with it a lot easier. In addition to releasing your inner creative genius, coloring can also help you channel your feelings, evoking happy memories and positive thoughts.

By focusing on this simple task, I am able to enjoy complete creative freedom allowing my body and mind to relax. Popular Coloring Books brands for adults include, The Mindfulness Coloring Book by Emma Farrarons, Secret Garden Coloring Book by Johanna Basford, Natural Wonders Coloring Art For Everyone by Leisure Arts and The Mandala Coloring Book by Jim Gogarty which are all great choices! In addition to including the most AMAZING illustrations, adult-friendly mazes and activities, these books are all set at affordable price points and can be purchased at some of your favorite book stores like Barnes and Nobles and Target

The coloring book I am currently using is Natural Wonders Coloring Art For Everyonethis collection of intricate line drawings engages my adult brain and allows me to play with colors and shapes; an activity that is just fundamentally fun. My favorite time to color is on Sundays, after I’ve completed my weekly spa/beauty routine, this helps to clear my mind bringing positive thoughts for the week ahead.



  • Find a comfortable quiet space
  • Play your favorite station on Pandora while you color.
  • Stock up on color pencils, crayons and markers
  • Color as often as you like


Pictures from my Book……..


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