What’s in my Lunch Bag?!?

Packing a lunch weekly for work school or work is a great direction towards a healthier lifestyle especially with the start of the New Year. Apart from saving tons of money weekly, bringing lunch to work or school allows you to practice your cooking skills ensuring that your lunch is prepared exactly the way you want it, ingredients, taste and all.

With the freedom of having exactly what you want to eat rather than being forced to eat from a restaurant that is within the area of your school or office, packing your lunch is the better choice indeed. From Fresh Fruits, Granola Bars, and Sandwiches to last night’s leftovers, the possibilities are endless when you pack your own lunch and let’s not forget, It’s FREE! It even taste better too!

There are several options to make your lunch preparation easy:

Make extra dinner and pack the leftovers for your lunch.

Make several meals you like to eat in small batches, divide and distribute them into travel size containers and take them to work throughout the week.


Gather a few of your favorite snacks/treats (Chips,Nuts,Fruit,etc) and throw them all in a lunch bag the morning before work or school.

When preparing my lunch for work I always pack a small container of fresh fruit to snack on, a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated throughout the day, a healthy granola bar, and the main course.


Here’s are a few tips to help you pack a Healthy Lunch.

  1. Your Lunch should be customized to you and what you like to eat.
  2. Invest in quality containers to store your food. (I personally recommend glass containers because they are 100% BPA Free)
  3. Be sure to use containers that are safe/easy to travel with and not to large.
  4. Invest in a lunch bag that works best with your style.
  5. Bring a reusable water bottle to ensure you are staying hydrated throughout the day.
  6. Always have a pack of gum to keep you breathe fresh once Lunch is over.



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