25 Self-Boosting Quotes To Live By 

Here are a few of my favorite YOGI TEA TAG QUOTES to live by:


  1. “Be proud of who you are
  2. “Live light, travel light, spread the light, be the light”.
  3. “Appreciate yourself and honor your soul”.
  4. “Share your strengths and not your weakness”.
  5. “A relaxed mind is a creative mind”.
  6. “The purpose of life is to enjoy every moment”.
  7. “Let your heart guide you”.
  8. “I am Beautiful, I am Bountiful, I am Blissful”.
  9. “Live with reference for yourself and others”.
  10. “Mental Happiness is total Relaxation”.
  11. “Be Great, Feel Great, Act Great”.
  12. “Live in your Strength”.
  13. “Recognize that you are the truth”.
  14. ” Joy is the essence of success.
  15. “Happiness comes from Contentment”.
  16. ” First listen, then Learn, and then Practice”.
  17. “Speak the truth”.
  18. “Say it straight, simple and with a smile”.
  19. “Love is an elevated self”.
  20. “There’s nothing more precious than self love”.
  21. “You will always live happy if you live with your heart”.
  22. “Empty yourself and let the universe fill you”.
  23. “Let things come to you”.
  24. “If you have nothing else to give, give a smile”.
  25. ” An attitude of gratitude brings opportunities.

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