1. Watch the S U P E R B O W L !
  2. Are you sticking to your New Years Resolutions? (Check-in)
  3. Check off all goals you have accomplished so far!
  4. Ask a friend of a friend to hook you up with FASHION WEEK Tickets!
  5. Deck out your house with fresh flowers all around in shades of Red and Pink.
  6. Don’t forget to order flowers for Mom and Grandma for Valentine’s Day!
  7. Overdose on all your favorite Romantic Movies on Netflix
  8. Tour the Star Wars Exhibit at Discovery Times Square February 10 – 29.
  9. File your T A X E S, the sooner the better!
  10. Take advantage of the V-Day Sale at Victoria Secret.
  11. Make Chocolate Covered Strawberries!
  12. And Chocolate Covered Pretzels too.
  13. Celebrate an art-full Valentine’s Day with a private tour for two at the MOMA.
  14. Celebrate BLACK HISTORY MONTH  by researching an African-American Leader/Activist you’ve haven’t already heard of it.
  15. Get FREE tickets to see the Central Park Ice Festival.
  16. Tell your Crush how you really feel!
  17. Make sure your eating a lot of Heart-Healthy Foods, after all it is HEART MONTH.
  18. Try a BUZZFEED Recipe.
  19. Decorate your Room with all PINK and RED everything.
  20. Get crafty, make a V-Day card from scratch.
  21. Join Cupid’s Undie Run to help raise money for The Children’s Tumor Foundation.
  22. Bake a heart-shaped Cake.
  23. Schedule a professional Dental Cleaning to make up for all the SWEETS you’ll be eating on Valentines Day.
  24. Start planning your Summer Vacation!
  25. Get CHOCOLATE WASTED! (Well, just this once)
  26. Make Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets for your friends and family.
  27. Buy a Valentine’s Day Outfit.
  28. Get kissably soft lips with FRESH’S Sugar Lip Delight at Sephora.
  29. Plan a romantic dinner for two with your significant other.
  30. No Valentine? No Problem, get tickets to see a charming, funny comedy show,  The Rejection Show Valentine’s Day Heartbreak Haven in Brooklyn.
  31. Take a day off to just RELAX!    
  32. Go crazy on all the PRESIDENTS DAY Sales from your favorite brands on February 15th.
  33. Perform a random act of kindness, February 17th is RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS DAY!
  34. See Chaka Khan perform in Brooklyn at Kings Theater.
  35. Get a head start on your Spring Shopping.
  36. It’s still Winter, don’t forget to keep your skin moisturized and protected!
  37. Try the Rainbow Bagel at The Bagel Shop in Brooklyn.
  38. Take your little sister/brother to see the BAMKids Film Festival.
  39. Go crazy on all the Presidents Day Sales from your favorite brands on February 15th.
  40. Spread LOVE it’s the Brooklyn way!

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