Brittney Grant

BRITTNEY DISHES| “Too Pretty to be Single”!?

Brittney Grant

“Your too pretty to be single, something must be wrong ” this is usually the reaction from guys after meeting a single attractive girl.

These days it seems as if the most attractive women are single, at least the ones that I know! But what’s the real reason pretty girls never have boyfriends or anything remotely close? Anxious to figure why so many of my Beautiful, Smart and Ambitious friends and associates were ALL single I began to do an impromptu evaluation. After carefully examining individual lifestyle choices, personality traits, careers, and previous dating history this is what I concluded.

Here are 10 reasons why the ” Pretty Girl” might be single:

 1. Single Guys automatically assume she’s already in a relationship.

Guys are less likely to approach you because they automatically assume you have a boyfriend.

2. She doesn’t put herself out there.

Being vulnerable is scary, and she doesn’t want to risk putting her feelings on the line or maybe she’s just waiting for “Mr. Right” to come to her.


3. She’s really focused on her Career.

This is usually the girl who’s extremely career driven, she has set goals and achievements she would like to accomplish before the age of 30. She is always caught up with work related projects and outings, and not sure she has extra time to commit to a relationship that will only interfere with her goals and times. On most weekends while her friends are out she usually at home making up for all the hours of sleep she missed during the weekdays.

4. She refuses to settle.

She’s had her share of heartbreak and let downs and refuses to waste her time with anyone she feels is unworthy. She deserves the best!

5. She really enjoys “Single Life”.

She is currently enjoying life as a single girl, commitment-free! She is using this time to focus on herself and her career but don’t be mistaken, she’s having the time of her life; traveling, hanging out with her girlfriends, saving up and spending more time with her family. She more open to the ideal of “Friends with benefits”.


6. She’s way too picky.

This isn usually the girl with a list of 1000 things she wants in a guy. The opportunity for a good relationship has presented itself on several occasions, too bad none of the guys she met came the slightest bit close to having ALL the things she’s looking for.


7. She just hasn’t found “The One”.

She has not yet met a guy that is boyfriend material. This doesn’t mean that she’s being picky or that she’s not openly and/or  actively looking for the right guy, she just haven’t met him yet.

8. She just got out of a long Relationship.

She just got out of a long relationship and needs to take this time to focus on herself and personal needs. She doesn’t want to rush into a relationship that she is not completely ready for.


9. She intimidates Guys.

She’s Beautiful, Smart, Ambitious, and Successful and guys just can’t handle it. It takes a lot of guts for a guy to approach someone of her caliber and she yet to meet a guy brave enough to introduce himself.


10. She’s just not over her Ex…..

She denies being over her not completely over her Ex but won’t take the chance at another relationship. The ideal of starting over scares her, ruining any opportunities for a new relationship.

As for me, I can say that my reason for being single is a combination of a few things mentioned on this list, especially reasons 2 and 7.

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