Have you ever wondered what’s it like to manage a blog and work full-time? Well today I’m giving you a glimpse into my entire day, from the moment that my alarm goes off to the minute before I fall asleep. Balancing blogging and work along with my responsibilities at home can sometimes be challenging but I’ve somehow manage to make it all work.

Here is a peak into my daily routine, my life isn’t at all perfect but in the midst of a hectic, busy day I still come home Happy!

Thursday, March 8, 2016

6 AM

It’s 6 am and my iphone alarm is ringing off the hook, all that comes to my mind is how great it would be to sleep for “Just 5 more minutes”. 10 minutes and 2 snoozes later I am finally ready to get out of bed. After a few long stretches I gently sit up reaching for my iphone.  After reading a few emails and text messages, I head to the bathroom to brush my teeth.

6:15 AM

Before starting breakfast I chug a bottle of water to boost my hydration and energy, this gives me just enough energy to make my bed and put away any left over clothes lingering from the night before.

6:25 AM

It’s finally Breakfast-time, my favorite part of the day! I’m having a 2-part dish that includes a mini fruit platter along with the main course and warm lemon water while catching up on all my social media accounts.

Starting the day off in a relaxed and comforting mood is very important to me, having a healthy breakfast is key to getting the most out of every morning. I am usually at this point for up to an hour. (hence why I wake 3 hours in advance)


7:15 AM

After my relaxing Breakfast sit-in, I am officially ready to start to start the day. Before heading into the shower I gather my things for the day; lunch prepared the night before along with my water bottle and iphone charger.

7:20 AM

A quick 10-minute shower along with a 10-minute pampering/make-up session works well enough to get me through the door. I never leave the house without reading my Yogi Tea message of the day. Today’s message, “Life is a gift. Experience is the beauty“.


8 AM

I’m heading out the door of my apartment, on my way to work. In efforts to make my day as productive as possible, I am reading over the blog post for the day, double checking for errors and image quality.

8:50 AM

I arrive at the office. 10 minutes early means i get a head-start on my workload , replying to emails and starting a to-do list for the day.

12 PM

3 hours in and I’m already counting down the hours, 5 more hours to go……

1 PM

After posting the blog post for the day, I am ready for Lunch! Today I am having one of my favorite lunch dishes, homemade Zucchini Pasta with a side of garlic bread that I made from scratch. “YUM” lunch was great!

4:50 PM

I am Double checking my to-do list ensuring that all my assignments/goals for the day were completed before leaving the office.

5 PM

Wrapping up any projects that I’m currently working on; replying and sending out any last minute emails.

5:15 PM

Heading to the train station, finally on my way home. “Free at last”!

6:20 PM

A super crowded and long commute later I am finally Home! I am greeted by my sister who has prepared dinner. “Yes, I’m starvinggg“!

7 PM

Dinner Time, my second favorite time of the day! I am enjoying a traditional Jamaican Stew Chicken with baked potatoes and vegetables as I listen to my siblings each discuss their day. Cliche I know, but eating dinner together as a family has been a tradition since I was a child, I cherish these moments everyday!

8 PM

After cleaning the kitchen the sibs and I part ways each heading to our individual bedrooms. I’m catching up on social media once again while also scrambling through Netflix in search of a movie to watch later that night.

9 PM 

I’m heading to the shower and this time I’m taking my time. Nothing beats a warm shower after a long day!

9:30 PM

Ah, finally back in bed, feeling relaxed and refreshed. I am jotting down any important milestones that I got through in my planner and get a head start on my to-do list for the next day.

I begin to watch the movie Serendipity on Netflix…….


10:45 PM

In case you didn’t already guess, I only made it through an hour of the movie before falling asleep.

Thanks for spending the day with me!








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