STRIPES, SOLIDS and SLITS : A Luxury Basics Collective

Never have another “I have nothing to wear” moment again! With a collection of timeless wardrobe basics, choosing an outfit everyday will be notably easier.

Whether in a solid color, with stripes or coupled with a slit, knits are the ultimate wardrobe staples. While there is a list of  other classic wardrobe basics, luxury knits go far beyond the traditional white t-shirt and v-neck tee.

When building my 2016 luxury basics collection, I stuck with  pieces from some of my favorite brands including EVERLANE, ZARA, ASOS and J.CREW which offers an extensive selection of basics that will keep your closet in-season all year around.


Stripes are the perfect wardrobe staple. Not only are they neutral, seasonless and diverse but they are also more substantial than the traditional plain white tee.

Stripes are the perfect blend of comfort and practical as they can be paired with anything. You can wear the same striped top every day of the week with 7 completely different looks!

Get the perfect striped tops, shop EVERLANE and  J.CREW



Solids are a quintessential part of the everyday wardrobe. In addition to being particle and acutely versatile but solid knit shirts are flattering to any body type. With an endless selection of colors, styles and fit, solids are essential pieces for building your wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to stock up!

Get the perfect solid knit shirts, shop ASOS and ZARA


Slits are the perfect way to spruce up the traditional knit. This small but standout detail is the is the perfect mesh between stylish and flirty.

Depending on the look you going for, you can choose from small, subtle slits or longer more revealing ones. A subtle 3 to 4 inch slit reveals just enough skin to add a touch of sexy to your outfit.

Get the perfect slit tops, shop ZARA

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