The Ugly Truth About Bloggers and Blogging

When it comes to blogging consistency is key, frequent blog post, quality images and reader interaction are essential for making an impact in the blogging world. But, quantity should never out weigh quality.

As a Graphic Designer and Creative my blog is a representation of my work and skils as a designer and I refuse to put out meaningless, inadequate content. I may not make a post every single day of the week but when I do post, I make it my duty to edit the writing content, organize my thoughts in a clear concise fashion and incorporate high quality images. So on days when I do not upload a blog post, just know that I am working extra hard to make sure the next post is even better than the last.

A lot of work goes into my blog post, everything from the photographs to the writing is well though out and planned. Being the perfectionist that I am, it can be difficult and at times overwhelming for me to put out multiple post a week as I work extremely hard to ensure that each and every post is “perfect” or at least up to my standards.

Please keep in mind that I’m a designer  and I’m sensitive about my work, forgive me  if I feel that my work is under appreciated and deserves much more recognition, given all the work I put in.

It is even harder to keep up  with other bloggers via WordPress when your already trying to keep up with your own blog and making sure that your output and content is on point, not to mention your life outside of blogging and other social media accounts and platforms. Nonetheless, I try my best to connect and like/read as much as I can.

The ultimate goal of my blog is not to show off my lifestyle or things that I own but to help and inspire others to adapt some of my lifestyle habits and choices. It’s almost been a year  on this blogging journey and boy have I learned A LOT. Some positive and joyful while others were eye opening and harsh. My family and friends along with a few fellow bloggers have been among the most supportive.


  1. Starting a blog is easy, keeping up with all the demands is hard.
  2. Consistency is Key!
  3. Great photos make a BIG difference.
  4. When another blogger follows your blog 60% of it is to get blog inspiration and ideas while only 40% of it is because they genuinely like your blog and want to gain insight.
  5. WordPress can become a lot like social media, when bloggers will follow you one week and unfollow you the next week. (What’s the point??)
  6. Beauty, Fashion, Food and Mom blogs are among the top trending blogs.
  7. Being too honest can sometimes work against you.
  8. A good blog requires regular updates.
  9. Everything you read on a blog may not all be true.
  10. You images may get stolen. (protect your work)
  11. Everyone has a life outside of blogging!
  12. SEO is essential!
  13. Becoming a successful blogger doesn’t happen overnight.
  14. Blogging can become expensive.
  15. There are hundreds of blogs and bloggers with great blogs like this one that does not get the credibility or recognition they deserve.
  16. Blogging takes a lot of time and energy.
  17. Gaining followers is harder than you think!
  18. Some bloggers make not follow you back.
  19. If you do not respond to a blogger award nomination, chances are you may never be nominated for another one ever again.
  20. To be a successful you have to blog about popular topics.
  21. As a blogger you are vulnerable to criticism and ridicule.
  22. Looks does matter when your a blogger and/or vlogger.
  23. Sometimes popularity may trump quality, sad but very true.
  24. Like for a like, bloggers will like your posts if you like theirs.
  25. Writing errors aren’t as important if you have great photos.

Hoping that this post can give some insight to people who want to start a blog and also bring awareness to existing bloggers. I’ve really enjoyed blogging so far and I hope that I will be able to reach an even bigger audience in the coming year. Thanks so much for all of you who continue to support, you know who you are!









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