Ben Stiller’s phobia of germs in the movie Along Came Polly is literally the epitome of my life as he describes how germs and“high risk” situations can negatively impact your health and cause illness. His “play it safe” approach to life much like myself, acts a protective barrier against harmful encounters and high health-risk factors but, it also means that we can miss out on the opportunity of living an eventful and fulfilled life.

Having struggled with sensitive skin most of my life, I always feel the need to be take precaution in everything that I do, whether it’s constantly washing hands, avoiding physical contact in public places,  or rigorously cleaning my room everyday, I always feel to protect myself from the possibility of an incident with my skin. From allergic reactions to crazy cases of inflamed itchy red skin, anyone suffering from regular rashes and reactions knows, that when you have sensitive skin the struggle is real, especially when your a beauty blogger.


  1. Can’t try new skincare products without it being a huge risk.
  2. Bath and Body Works is your least favorite store in the world.
  3. Wearing clothes that weren’t washed in non-hypoallergenic detergent is literally the worst experience ever.
  4. Can’t wear cute trendy fashion jewelry because it will cause a major allergic skin reaction.
  5. Subjected to using only natural skin and makeup products that are usually more pricey.
  6. You most likely have allergies and/or eczema too.
  7. Reading the entire ingredient list of every food and beauty product you buy is a norm.
  8. The smell of perfume or cologne can literally make you sick, especially if sprayed directly onto the skin.
  9. Wearing anything  wool is a definite NO.
  10. One of your goals in life is to find a cure for itching and irritation.
  11. Tingling of the skin is extremely terrifying and requires immediate action
  12. All-natural cleaning products are a MUST.
  13. You must have an anti-itch cream handy, one that you travel with everyday and one right at your bedside.
  14. Hearing people say “STOP ITCHING” makes you itch even more.
  15. You’ve tried almost every natural remedy out there and none of them seem to work.
  16. You treat everything and everyone like a germ; you do not like when people get too close.
  17. Everyone thinks your neurotic because of your such a clean-freak and have an extreme germ phobia.
  18. Puffy eyes are a normal part of your daily life.

Although it may get tough at times, I’ve learned to love and accept my skin the way it is.


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