Normally mealtime is a simple daily experience most adults engage in everyday. But for some this can be a difficult challenge especially in social settings.

Picky eaters, fussy eaters or selective eaters are individuals who display a complete lack of interest in a wide variety of foods, individuals who displays an unwillingness to try new foods outside of the small selection of foods that they eat on a regular basis.

Having lived as a picky eater for more than half of my life, I will admit that it can be a struggle, especially in social gatherings when the food selection is usually very limited and highly unfavorable for a picky eater.

Unlike most people, I was not a picky eater all my life; ok so maybe there was an adequately small list of things I did not eat as a child but, it wasn’t until later in my life that I became extremely selective about the foods that I liked and didn’t liked. Although I don’t believe I am as picky or selective as the average picky eater, I still face many of the same struggles on a regular basis. Whether it’s the texture, flavor, the smell or specific food group, everything makes a difference in the food palette of picky eater.


As an adult I’ve realized that my picky eating can be a problem at times…

For Instance,

  1. You’ve already made life long commitments to your favorite foods and plan to stay committed for a long time.
  2. People get offended when you don’t want to try their food.
  3. You get a mini panic attack when you go out to a new restaurant without reviewing the menu ahead of time.
  4. Deciding what to eat for lunch can be the hardest decision ever.
  5. Your constantly asked if you are a vegetarian or have food allergies because of your “strict food diet”.
  6. People think your think your crazy because you don’t eat pastries and desserts.
  7. People think it’s even more crazy that you don’t eat chocolate or ice cream because “what normal human being doesn’t “?


Contrary to popular belief, being a picky eater does have it’s perks…

For Instance,

  1. Being adamant reading food labels is actually a good thing!
  2. You never have to eat something you don’t like.
  3. Knowing exactly what’s in your food and/or where it comes from, lessens your risk of eating “processed foods” thus as it helps you to become a more conscious consumer.
  4. Your family taking time out to cook something they know only you would eat is seriously the sweetest thing ever!
  5. You get to skip out on your uncle’s not so tasty, butter pecan pie.
  6. Having your meals organized in separate dish-ware for each ingredient makes the perfect Instagram photos, presentation is key!
  7. You get to enjoy eating what you love on a regular basis.
  8. The waiters at your favorite restaurant always knows your order.
However, being a picky eater can also be a challenge, especially in social settings…

For Instance,

  1. Your friends judge you for ordering the exact same thing every time your out or will just avoid asking you out to dinner because your just “so darn picky“.
  2. When your at a family gathering and everyone lectures you about the foods you don’t eat, “your body needs everything“, “you don’t know what your missing“.
  3. Ordering food without most of the ingredients it is suppose to come with can really be a drag especially for the server taking your order (No sauce, No mayo, No pickles, No onions)
It is even more difficult being a picky eater while traveling…

For Instance,

  1. The ideal of eating unfamiliar foreign foods while traveling seriously scares me 😳.
  2. Having to decide between eating food that you absolutely hate or starve for the rest of your travel time.
  3. The rest stops never seem to have anything you eat.


Life as a picky eater can be a struggle, even embarrassing at times but I am taking minor to expand my food palate and try new foods.






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