Ready to take my body wash off of the bathroom pedestal because bar soap is leading in the bath time challenge! While I often rotate my shower routine between body-wash and bar soap, I prefer to lather up my loofah with my favorite bar soap.

Having sampled an infinite amount of natural soaps through the years through the years, I have become a bit of an expert in judging the quality, lather and cleansing ability of soaps as I’ve written about my love for bar soaps in this space before. While bar soaps often tend to get bad reps for overly drying and lack of great lather properties, I have found that this is true only when it comes to drugstore brands, as natural cold-pressed bar soaps are usually high in quality as they provide excellent lather properties, are free of harsh ingredients, and nourish and hydrate the skin.

It came as no surprise that INDIGO WILD® ZUM BARS worked great for my dry sensitive skin as they are derived from creamy goats milk and infused with 100% pure essential oils. Goat’s milk, the main ingredient in Zum bars is naturally balances the skin, PH as it moisturizes, nourishes and treats the skin. Goat’s milk also provides restorative vitamins, minerals and proteins to the skin with every wash.


Good things does indeed come in small packages as Zum Bar Goat’s Milk soaps are some of the best natural soaps I have ever used. The squeaky clean feeling and smooth sheen finish each bar soap gave my skin was a-m-a-z-i-n-g, the perfect start and finish to each day! These small cold-pressed, vegan, cruelty free, oh-so sweet smelling bar soaps are ultra-moisturizing and naturally balanced for the skin. Some of my favorite ZUM BAR GOAT’S MILK SOAP scents thus far include:


A lot of people agree that Frankincense and Myrrh is the best soap scent as it is Indigo Wild’s most popular bar soap. Frankincense and Myrrh which is most commonly known for it’s superior healing properties helps reduce stress and aging skin as it provides anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that aids in the healing of dry cracked skin.

This dark, dreamy, deep woodsy scented soap overflows my body from head to toe with a lasting scent throughout the day. I always receive compliments when I use this soap.

You can purchase this soap online at indigowild.com or pick some up at your local Whole Foods Stores.



Of course the Frankincense-Lavender would be another favorite of mine as it smells almost just like the frankincense and myrrh with a subtle touch of floral. Lavender acts as a stress-tamer and healing balm while frankincense provides an anti-aging and anti-inflammatory which tones and lifts the skin.

Deep woodsy combined with the soft and floral scent of lavender is the perfect combination. Not only is the soap nice to look at but it provides a lasting scent throughout the day. I always receive compliments when I use this soap as well.

You can purchase this soap online at indigowild.com or pick some up at your local Whole Foods Stores.


Geranium is my least favorite scent of the two, however, it does an excellent job at improving the quality and condition of dull, aging and damaged skin. It helps to even out your skin’s complexion and tone while it improves circulation, reduce stress and balances PH.

This crisp botanical scented bar soap will surely have you in a floral state of mind as the subtle scent provides clarity and promotes emotional wellness with every wash. I also receive compliments after using this soap as well.

Use code WAF16 by September 30, 2016 and get a FREE Zum Bar with your purchase!

I own several products from Indigo Wild including my favorite, the FRANKINCENSE & MYRRH ZUM CLEAN LAUNDRY SOAP. All of the products by this brand is high in quality as it is in ethics. Check out some of the cause they support here : Indigowild.com





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