My Succulent Obesession!!!


I’ve always loved plants, even as a child but my obsession with succulents goes far beyond any of my child-hood fascinations. My obsession first started after moving into my current apartment a little over 2 years ago on a trip to ikea. Having done my research on cactus plants and their meaning prior to making the trip to ikea it was my intent to purchase just 4 plants as a Mother’s Day gift for each of my siblings. A gift of everlasting love, the cactus plant is an emblem of warmth, protection, endurance and maternal love as it can endure and thrive in harsh conditions and therefore symbolic of a mothers unconditional love. But my intent quickly became an obsession when I fell in love with all the unique colors, shapes, sizes and plant variations of the succulent family. Let’s just say I came home with 7 plants that day, a far larger quantity than my original intent of 4.

My mini succulent garden has since  blossomed and grown and today has over 13 different plant variations including 4 artificial versions, and I still want more! Believe me, you should see my room, it looks like an elite succulent show room display. Not to mention my tiny little window sill is running out of space….Luckily I have a green thumb and can grow and nurture almost anything and glad to say the all of my plants are growing happily and healthy!

Aside from their trendy fads, succulents are great house plants as they can grow indoors and/or outdoors and only need minimal attention to thrive. They also make great home decor pieces, adding a touch of color and nature to your home. They can even help clean the air in your home assisting in breathing and oxygen production a great way to combat that dry winter air and keep oxygen flowing throughout your home. Studies have also found that having plants in your home and office can improve concentration, memory and productivity. And a fact that I’ve discovered, they make you smile, I mean who can resist how cute and adorable succulents are, especially the super tiny ones.

Here are some Succulent care tips I’ve learned along the way…..

  • Water your succulents every 2 to 3 weeks.
  • Use a planter with holes to allow drainage.
  • Succulents thrive most in indirect sunlight, try placing them next to a north-facing window. (1/2 day of sunlight)
  • Succulents get bugs and diseases like other plants, so watch for signs of a problem and treat accordingly.

Now you can understand my obsession with succulents. Share this post with your family and friends who love plants and comment below if you too, are obsessed and have some even cooler variations!







2 thoughts on “My Succulent Obesession!!!

  1. I just started loving succulents as well lately. However I have already killed two already so I am of feeling a little bit defeated. Thanks for your tips! I just learned that it’s better to grow them in a pot with the drainage home. I was going mine in a terrarium.


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