Britt’s Allergy-Proof Makeup and Skincare Guide

If your like me and suffer from seasonal allergies then this time of year can be pretty rough as spring allergies are the most common. But let’s face it, weather your a spring or year-round allergy sufferer, allergies in general can be a nightmare!

As a life long allergy sufferer I know all the challenges they present. As if excessive sneezing, itchy watery eyes, runny nose and sinus headaches weren’t bad enough, we have to factor in dry skin, redness, and dark circles, conditions that can complicate and or alter our skin and makeup routines.

So does this mean we have to avoid wearing makeup and swap out all of our current skincare products? After reading this guide you will have all the answers you need.

Beware Of These Common Allergy Triggers

  1. Pollen
  2. Mold
  3. Latex
  4. Dust Mites
  5. Pet (Dander)
  6. Cockroaches
  7. High Potency Fragrances
  8. House Plants
  9. Ceiling Fans
  10. Rising Humidity
  11. Beauty Products

Keywords To Look For In Allergy Products

Dermatologist – Approved

Ophthalmologist – Approved

No Animal Testing

Important Qualities Allergy-safe Products Should Declare

Allery-safe products should include these important qualities as they can prevent allergic reaction and prevent allergy triggers.

◊ Safe for sensitive skin –

◊ Hypoallergenic

◊ Fragrance – Free

◊ Waterproof

Products That Help Disguise + Treat Symptoms

Organic, Green, All-Natural Brands 

Organic, natural brands can reduce the risk of allergic reactions since they are free of harsh, toxic chemicals. They may also reduce your skin’s sensitivity to makeup and other beauty products.

Under-eye Concealers

Under eye concealers can reduce and disguise the appearance of dark circles and under eye bags.

Full Cover Concealers 

Full coverage concealers can mask redness and blotchy skin for a more even complexion.

Soft Shimmers

Opt for softer shimmers during allergy season as high pigment eye color shades are more likely to flake into the eye causing eye irritations.

Soothing + Calming Beauty Products

Use products that are soothing and calming as they help combat flare-ups, reduce swelling, inflammation and redness. Opt for products rich in chamomile, calendula, aloe, lavender, st. johns wort and rose oil (rose water).

 Nourishing + Repairing + Ultra Moisturizing Beauty Products

Allergy symptoms can cause rough, dry, itchy, stiff, red, blotchy skin and sometimes using regular moisturizers just won’t cut it. Using products that are nourishing, repairing and moisturizing focused, can instantly repair damage skin caused by allergy symptoms.

Allergy Safe Brands

Here are a few  of my top recommended skincare brands that will help protect and treat seasonal allergy elements. (in no particular order)

  1. 100% Pure
  2. Aveeno
  3. Cetaphil
  4. Honest
  5. Bare Minerals
  6. Burt’s Bees
  7. Shea Moisture
  8. Almay
  9. Yes To
  10. Alaffia

 Important Allergy Trigger Prevention Tips

Whether it’s work, school or a long vacation traveling with allergies can be a difficult task. Here are a few tips to help you cope with the symptoms while your away from home.

1. Wear Sunglasses 

Sunglasses are a great way to disguise puffy, irritated eyes. It also helps block pollen, dust and any additional airborne irritants that can travel directly to your eye while outdoors.

2. Avoid Using Hair Gel

Avoid using excessive hair gel during allergy season, as it can become a magnet for pollen, mold and spores that can in turn trigger allergic reactions, causing irritation throughout the day.

3. Leave Your Shoes At The Door

Leave your shoes right at the door upon arriving home, as your shoes can also collect pollen and dust. Not to mention the excess amount of germs and bacteria your shoes can carry on any given day.

4. Shower + Wash Hair Before Bed

Showering and washing your hair before bed ensures that your body is free of all allergens. It also prevents allergens from entering your home and more importantly, your pillow. A warm shower during allergy season can also free up nasal passage ways and help you decompress for the night.

5. Wash your Linens Often

Wash your household linens often, as it is one of the most efficient ways to rid your home of allergens, germs, dust and pollen traces. Investing in hypo-allergenic mattress and pillow protectors are also another great way to prevent allergens from invading your personal space.

6. Check the pollen count daily and plan your day accordingly.

All or most weather apps have a daily pollen outlook section including pollen, grass and ragweed counts. You can also check the website of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology’s National Allergy Bureau.

Homeopathic Allergy Aides

A few of my top-rated homeopathic brands and help aides. (listed in order of highest rating)

  1. Dr. Kings Natural Medicine Allergy and Hay Fever Reliever (purchase here)
  2. Bioallers Allergy Pollen Hayfever (purchase here)
  3. Hyland’s Natural Seasonal Allergy Relief Tablets (purchase here)

More Helpful Allergy Tips

Drink lots of water

Allergies can hinder the body’s ability to stay hydrated thus, increasing your water intake is essential. Increasing your water intake during allergy season can also flush out your system, eliminating irritants, excess mucus and sinus drainage.

Test it Out

No matter what the product, natural or organic, testing a product out before applying it to your hair or skin is a great way to prevent allergic reactions and allergy flare-ups.


For more helpful tips on the best beauty products for Allergy prevention and creating a natural, everyday makeup look here:

Are you suffering from allergies? Did you find this guide useful? Share below.







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