These Food Documentaries Will Change The Way You Eat Forever!

Feeling Self conscious about your eating habits lately? Looking for a healthy reboot? These food documentaries will change the way you eat forever!

Food Matters, Food Choices and Fork Over Knives are powerful food documentaries that not only discusses the food industry, but also highlights food sourcing and how it directly affects everything from our bodies to the environment.

This post gives a brief synopsis of 3 Food Documentaries that helped change the way I think about food and the U.S food industry thus, partially influenced my decision to become a vegetarian:

Forks Over Knives, 2011 

DURATION: 1h 36m           DIRECTOR: Lee Fulkerson               RATED: PG

This documentary gives an unsettling portrait of America’s eating habits, the health risks of consuming a diet full of primarily animal and processed foods and how they can lead directly to obesity, diabetes and other diseases; Thus, they are the cause of  the growing numbers in the U.S. The documentary also explores how consuming a plant-based, whole-food diet can eliminate and reduce the risk of common diseases like cancer and heart disease.





DURATION: 1h 17m      DIRECTOR: James Colquhoun        RATED: NR

My favorite of the three, this documentary exposes problems within the U.S  “sickness industry” the phrase used to the describe the medical industry in the film, and how it profits more from diseases management and treating symptoms rather than actually curing the disease itself. This also features interviews with leading health experts like Charlotte Gerson, David Wolfe, Andrew W. Saul and Dan Rogers, whom all agree that not all medical conditions require costly medical attention, as each interviewee reveals alternative therapies and medicines that can be more effective, economical, less harmful+invasive than conventional medical treatments.



DURATION: 1h 31m   DIRECTOR: Michal Siewierski  RATED: TV-14

This documentary examines contrasting diets in order to expose their misconceptions as it challenges food and diet choices. It also offers insight into the issues  and challenges surrounding the world’s diets, thus how the food choices we make directly impacts our health, the health of our planet and the lives of other living species.




Find these documentaries and more on Netflix. Plus check out these other great Food Documentaries: Food Inc., Cowspiracy, Hungry For Change.







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