Why Everyone Needs A Self-Care Sunday!

Implementation of balance between work, family, lifestyle and self isn’t always an easy step, nonetheless, it is a vital part of our overall well-being; as many of us often neglect self-care when we are consumed with the intense pressure of work and other obligations.

Making a habit of devoting a day to pamper and nurture yourself and/or indulge in leisurely activities isn’t just important but vital to our overall health and well-being. Self-care Sundays, is a great way to implement a weekly self-care regimen into your regular lifestyle routine. Not only will become your favorite part of the week but it will also greatly improve your emotional and physical health.

What is self-care?

Self-care is first, identifying your personal needs, then, understanding them and finally taking the steps to meet them. More than taking the time to indulge in activities that nurture and maintain your outer appearance, self-care is a practice that when consummated efficiently, helps maintain your physical, mental and emotional health. This may also includes healthy food choices, stress management, regular exercise and nutritive lifestyle choices.

Starting a self-care regimen

Starting a self-care regimen is pretty simple, once you’ve identified your own personal needs, just take the proper steps to meet them. I like to start my self-care sunday off by first setting the mood, I simply switch off the lights, light a few candles and put on some calming music in efforts of creating a relaxing atmosphere, I will go even further at times and close my eyes while meditating for a few minutes before I start the beauty work. Once I feel completely relaxed I will then follow with whatever beauty treatment my skin/body needs including exfoliating treatments, face masks, manicures, juice cleanse, sugar wax or whatever treatment I believe I need in that particular moment. 

Regular Self-care: 

  • Promotes adequate work-life balance.
  • Boost confidence and inflicts positive feelings of self- worth thus, helps you develop love for yourself and your body.
  • Improves your longevity and quality of life.
  • Reduces the negative effects of stress.
  • Help you become more productive, engaged, and connected thus, increases your work performance.
  • Better food and lifestyle choices.
  • May prevent prevent disease and illness.
  • Makes you healthier, happier, and stronger connection with self.

Developing life long self-care practices

Self-care is often overlooked as a fundamental part of our overall well-being despite the fact that it cost virtually nothing and can easily be refined one day at a time. The more time we spend taking care of ourselves the better our emotional and physical health with practices that include:

  • Eating healthy and nutritious foods
  • Getting adequate sleep every night
  • Regular exercise
  • Stress management
  • Regular check-ups with your doctor
  • Yoga, Daily Meditation and Deep Breathing
  • Starting and maintaing a daily journal
  • Squeezing in more naps
  • Making time for friends and family
  • Taking a fun class
  • Unplugging at the end of each day with a long bath or shower
  • Incorporating multi vitamins into your diet (if only you/doctor feels its necessary)
  • Smiling lots and laughing more

Outer self-care Practices

Creating a self-care regimen is all about what works best for you and what things your body or skin may need. Here I a few things I like to incorporate:

  • Face Masks 

Face masks are the perfect skin care treatment to help hydrate, exfoliate, reduce pores and excess oils from the skin.

Try BOSCIA Luminizing Black Mask, $34, http://www.boscia.com 

  • Eye Treatments

If your stressed and not getting enough sleep your eyes are usually the first place to show it with the appearance of dark circles and under-eye bags, eye treatments are a great way to combat this negative appearance.

Try BOSCIA Sake Brightening Hydrogel Eye Masks, $15, http://www.boscia.com 

  • Dry Body Brushing 

Dry brushing is a safe and effective way to remove dead skin cells and exfoliate the skin while improving vascular blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.

  • Pore Strips

Pore strips are a great skin treatment that helps to reduce the appearance of  excess pores, usually designed to target areas on or around the nose and chin.

Try BOSCIA Pore Purifying Black Strips, $28, http://www.boscia.com 

  • Foot Peel

Foot peels are a great alternative to foot soaks as they too can reveal healthier, softened feet.

Try BOSCIA Baby Soft Foot Peel, $20, http://www.boscia.com 


Do you have a self-care sunday? What beauty treatments and/or lifestyle practices to you incorporate into your regimen? Share and tag us in your on photo on Instagram using the hashtag #selfcaresunday or share with us the in the comment section below.






2 thoughts on “Why Everyone Needs A Self-Care Sunday!

  1. I am a firm believer in self care. I try and do at least one little thing a day, a bubble bath, a face mask, or a great moisturizer can be a really great pick me up through the week. I have been a fan of Boscia for years after being introduced to it by one of my best friends. I can always see and feel improvement after I use them for an extended amount of time. Great post!

    Ashlee Stuart


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