Why I Started A Monthly Budget Planner And So Should You!

I thought I had a pretty good handle of my monthly expenses and spending habits until I started a monthly budget planner. I gained tremendous insight of exactly how my financial income was being distributed including, what I spent, where I spent it and how much or how little I spent relative to my monthly income.

Maintaing a monthly budget planner and being organized in addition, has made life a lot easier as it has allowed me to put my monthly finances into perspective thus, creating an effective money spending and money savings plan. And even more rewarding, maintaing a monthly budget plan has eliminated “that feeling”. I’m sure many of you can relate to feeling like your “all of your generated income goes directly to bills” but, by maintaing a monthly budget plan,  I promise you “that feeling” will instantaneously disappear!


Here are 6 ways I am benefiting from a Monthly Budget Planner and so could you:

1. Build New Habits and Aligns Priorities

Budgeting creates expense priorities, including scheduling mandatory payments of important monthly bills including car insurance payments, rent, utility bills etc. Expense priorities therefore, reduces the motive to spend money insignificantly, while creating better spending habits. With new financial habits, you will in addition, prevent financial debt as there will be money set aside for important expenses, especially those that may require emergency funding.

2. Propels Financial Goals

As you set a monthly financial budget and saving becomes more of a priority, you will imminently move toward your financial goals. Whether it’s setting money aside for your future child’s college fund or planning an early retirement, keeping a monthly budget planner will establish a strong financial foundation, thus, propelling your financial goals.

3. Creates Margins

Reducing financial depth and living according to a financial margin will ploy you to live and maintain expenses within your monthly income. Just as you will have less insignificant expenses, you will buildup a surplus of money which can then be applied directly to other financial goals.


4. More Organized Spending and Savings

With a monthly budget planner you get to reference your monthly bills, receipts and other financial statements in a clear and concise fashion as dividing your money and/or monthly income into categories of expenses and savings allows for direct apprehension and control of each category including, which category requires more money in contrast to which category requires the least amount of money. Thus, having organized finances makes it easier to make adjustments and changes. You’ll definitely be one step ahead of everyone else when tax season rolls around!

5. Save More Money! Spend Less!

With budgeting you get to select and eliminate unnecessary spending, including, late fees, interest and penalty charges which can audibly add up over time.

6. Prepares You For Unexpected Cost

Budgeting allows you to plan and set money aside for emergency cost, that often hit when you least expect it.














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