C o n s c i o u s l y Fashionable!

As I’ve gotten older, I have made it my mission to approach fashion in a more intentional manner; thus, a manner that considers both people and planet.

While I like to support all brands making a positive impact through their consumer sales, some of the values I consider most include products and clothing that are artisan-made, natural + organic, made without animal testing, locally sourced, fair-trade, sustainable and eco – friendly.

Therefore, the gifts I received over the holidays including purchases I made for myself, are all from brands that promote fashion and beauty in an ethical and ingenious way.

Check out what I got:

     1. EVERLANE –  100% Human Tee

For each 100% Human product sold, Everlane donates $5 towards the ACLU.


     2. SOKO – Brass Kumi Studs 

With every purchase artisans retain artisans retain 25-35% revenue compared to the industry standard where artisans generally retain artisans retain a mere 2-3% revenue; therefore, creating unprecedented earnings for artisans.


     3. SHEA BUTTER COTTAGE – Skincare Essentials 

Sheabutter Cottage donates a percentage from each sale as direct unconditional donation to help strengthen local artisans housing projects in Ghana. The company has also funded the installation of water filters, classrooms, provided fuel- efficient cooking stoves to impoverished families in Ghana and so much more!


    4. PURPOSE JEWELRYBrass Violet Earrings

100% of proceeds go to International Sanctuary benefiting girls and women escaping human trafficking.


    5. FEED PROJECTS – Embroidered Print Tee

The purchase of this tee has provided 10 schools meals to children/schools in need.

Have you made any ethical purchases lately? How did you feel after? Please share with us below






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