Why I only wash my face with Distilled Water + Tips for Glowing Summer skin!

As with every season, Summer requires an entirely new set of skincare dos and don’ts. With warmer  temps and more sun exposure, our skin requires efficient cleansing and protection from harmful UV rays.

This past year, I changed my normal skincare regimen, switching from washing my face with conventional pipe/tap water to washing my face with pure distilled water. My skin has since changed drastically; The use of distilled water together with the use of pure Aloe Vera Gel, vitamin e oil and vegetable glycerin has put my skin in one of its best states ever!

From moisture retention and glowing skin to acne and blemish clearance, the combination of these four key ingredients have drastically improved my skin. So far, this regimen has proven both safe and visually effective in the winter, spring and summer seasons; bearing results that are normally only specific as per season.

So what the heck is Distilled Water and how is it different from conventional tap water?

Distilled water is water that has been purified of contaminants through distillation. All potentially harmful organisms and chemicals are removed during the distillation process during which, steam is converted to pure water.

What are the benefits of Distilled Water?

• As oppose to conventional tap water and/or other water types, distilled water does not contain any water borne contaminants that can be potentially found in conventional pipe water.

• Distilled water is free from chlorine, fluoride and chemical components that can be harmful to your skin in undiluted amounts.

• Distilled water is free of additives and toxins.

• During the distillation process, all potentially harmful microorganisms that can sometimes be found in unfiltered tap water, are destroyed.

• Eliminates metals and a number of other containments.

• Reduces the risk of water borne diseases.

How can Distilled Water improve the skin?

• Detoxifies the body/skin

• Brightens skin complexion

• Improves skin texture

• Adds a natural glow

• Improves oxygen carrying capacity of blood cells to the skin

• Helps skin retain moisture

• Softens skin texture while improving elasticity

Research says……

According to studies, drinking distilled water on a regular basis can increase the body’s acidity making the body more susceptible to absorbing and eliminating toxic substances which therefore creates mineral deficiencies. However, distilled water when used as a skin agent is generally safe. In fact, distilled water when applied to the outer skin works wonders, acting as both a cleansing agent and skin healing agent.

How to use Distilled Water:

A Store in a cool/dry place, don’t refrigerate.

B To use daily, transfer a portion of store brought distilled water into a refillable bottle (a bottle that is compact enough to use every day) and use every time you cleanse/wash your face. (I store my distilled water in an old VOSS water bottle. Since the cap is really big I can pour the water directly into my hands from the cap to wash/cleanse my face).

C Be sure to wash your hands before washing your face with distilled water, this will prevent unwanted bacteria and germs from seeping into the outer surface of the skin.

More great skincare products and tips!

• Wash your face with distilled water instead of pipe water!

• Use raw Aloe Vera under your moisturizer, this will act as act as a protective barrier against free radicals, dark spots, aging and acne causing bacteria while adding a natural glow!

• Moisturize your skin with pure vegetable glycerin. Vegetable glycerin is a natural humectant that is easily absorbed by the skin as it helps the skin retain long-term moisture. It also helps soften and soothe irritated skin.

TIP: I use Vitamin E oil as a key ingredient  in a homemade facial spray together with other skin aiding ingredients including, 100% Active Aloe Vera Juice and pure Vegetable Glycerin.

• Moisturize your face with Vitamin E oil too! Vitamin E oil is a natural antioxidant and a nutrient. It reduces signs of premature aging and helps to rapidly heal sunburns, lighten scars and dark spots. Vitamin E oil in addition, is a superior moisturizer that can help restore lost moisture while treating dry, damaged skin.

TIP: I use Vitamin E oil as a key ingredient  in a homemade facial spray with other skin aiding ingredients including, 100% Active Aloe Vera Juice and pure Vegetable Glycerin.



Have you ever washed your face with Distilled Water? Did you notice a difference?





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