Vacation Staples | Influenster VCAY VBOX Review

I received the Vcay VBox for review this past July curiosity of Influenster, a community of over 2 million socially savvy shoppers and consumers that review products, share their honest opinions with brands and social media while testing complementary products.

As summer is the season for vacations, I was excited to receive the vacation VBox. The box came filled with the perfect travel essentials, ready to accompany me on my next trip featuring products from amazing brands including KISS Lash Brand, EVA NYC, Invisibobble, and SOUR PATCH KIDS Fire and Freeze.

Here is my honest review of the Influenster VCAY Voxbox:

◊ KISS LASH BRAND | Blowout Lash

Having never owned or wore false lashes, I was excited to try the Kiss Blowout Lashes. The lashes were easy to apply however, once on, they felt a bit uncomfortable especially since it’s something I am not use to wearing.

I felt uncomfortable and not myself with the lashes on as they felt very heavy and mildly irritated my eyes. I would not recommend these lashes for a simple everyday look as they are big and voluminous and more appropriate for special occasions. Therefore, I will not purchase these lashes myself and do not recommend them for everyday wear.


Infused with argan oil and Kervais, the EVA NYC Clean It Up Shampoo nourishes the hair with vitamins and nutrients while providing anti-breakage benefits scientifically proven to increase strength and flexibility of the hair shaft.

Having always used natural skin and hair care products because of my sensitive allergic-prone skin, I am always skeptical about trying products that aren’t all natural. Nonetheless, I wanted to try this new product.

The product packaging was great, but I did not like the smell as it is a bit strong and over bearing for my taste. Upon first use, the Clean It Up Shampoo effectively cleansed my scalp while adding instant shine. However, once rinsed out and dried, my hair became super dry and matted and felt stripped.

I would recommend using this product together with a good quality moisturizing conditioner.


Like the Clean It Up Shampoo, the Mane Manic Primer’s scent was much to strong and over bearing for my liking. However, unlike the shampoo, this primer added lasting shine to my hair. It instantly reduced the appearance of frizz while it softened and made the detangling process easier. My favorite feature about this product, is it’s protection against environmental and UV damage, especially since we are currently in the summer months and constantly exposed to harmful UV days.

I would definitely recommend this product.


Invisibobble Hair Ring, is my favorite item in the VCAY VBox. As we are currently in the summer season, the urge to put my hair in a ponytail becomes more essential everyday. The Invisibobble hair rings are a stylish, compact way to hold and style your hair while wearing it in a ponytail or protective style. Given the density and thickness of my hair I almost always wear the Invisibobble hair rings over a prefixed elastic hair band. Wearing the Invisibobble hair ring this way, helps to prevent my hair from getting entangled in the hair ring as it would often happen in the past. Another reason to love Invisibobble hair rings, they double as a stylish bracelet when your not using it in your hair. It’s also anti-allergic, water repellent and antibacterial, values that go a long way especially for people with sensitive skin like myself.

I would definitely recommend this product.

Have you tried any of these products? Share your thoughts with us.

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