Ben Stiller’s phobia of germs in the movie Along Came Polly is literally the epitome of my life as he describes how germs and“high risk” situations can negatively impact your health and cause illness. His “play it safe” approach to life much like myself, acts a protective barrier against harmful encounters and high health-risk factors but, it also means that we can miss out on the opportunity … Continue reading 18 STRUGGLES OF LIVING WITH SENSITIVE SKIN


Cantu Shea Butter has been a charismatic brand and staple in my natural hair journey, as it was the very first product line I used after going natural. Known for their distinctive smell and moisturizing properties, the Cantu Shea Butter product line is perfect for my coily, thick, natural-hair. On a past trip to target I purchase a few products from the line. Having used … Continue reading BRITTNEY DISHES | CANTU SHEA BUTTER


My review of T.G.I.N About the Brand TGIN or Thank God lt’s Natural offers natural hair and skincare products formulated to instantly improve the health maintenance of your hair and skin. Each product is formulated with with nourishing plant botanicals and high quality ingredients such as argan oil, alma oil, shea butter, and Vitamin E to give you softer, moisturized, and more manageable hair and skin. The … Continue reading LATHER. RINSE. REPEAT

10 Genius Beauty Hacks That Will Change Your Life!!

Ditch the conventional beauty products and tools you used in the past and try these easy, cost effective and hacks that will instantly become a staple in your beauty regimen. I personally use all of the Beauty Hacks listed in this post and get amazing results every single time! Here are 10 Genius Beauty Hacks That Will Change Your Life!! 1. APPLE CIDER VINEGAR FOR … Continue reading 10 Genius Beauty Hacks That Will Change Your Life!!

10 Pink Things Every Girl Should Own!

1 LUSH – BATH BOMB Twilight A soothing bath bomb that relaxes the body and softens the skin. Once dissolved, this bath bomb will give you the ultimate bath experience, with interchanging colors and a lovely lavender scent. $6.55, Lush Stores, lushusa.com 2  PUMA BY RIHANNA CREEPER  Creeper is made in a rough dusty pink suede with black stripe at sides and features a textured neutral … Continue reading 10 Pink Things Every Girl Should Own!

GLOW ON! | 5 Tips For Naturally Glowing Skin

Ever wondered how those models in magazines and television commercials attain such beautiful, radiant skin? Wonder not, you too can flaunt healthy glowing skin using any of these 5 simple tips. TIP #1 GET MORE SLEEP. Sleep is the number one secret to maintaing healthy glowing skin. At least 7 to 8 hours of sleep is needed for your physical, mental well-being, and the overall … Continue reading GLOW ON! | 5 Tips For Naturally Glowing Skin

Curls on Curls | How I Style My Spring Curls.

Spring has sprung, it’s time to let your curls free with these simple, easy hairstyles. Embrace your curls and battle frizz with these low-maintenance, protective Spring hairstyles; unkempt, and super chic! HERE IS HOW I ROCK MY SPRING CURLS: To achieve these looks I curled my hair overnight using 7/16″ cold wave rods. After removing the rods the following morning, I gently separated the curls … Continue reading Curls on Curls | How I Style My Spring Curls.

Smother Than a Baby’s Bottom! | How I Retain Baby-Soft Skin.

After years of battling eczema, dry skin and minor allergic reactions, I’ve finally solved the problems with my skin. Gentle, lightweight, and rich in nourishing ingredients, natural baby skincare products has allowed me to retain clear, smooth, healthy skin over the course of 7 years. But don’t let the “Baby ” label fool you, these products are superior in providing deep hydration and nourishment to … Continue reading Smother Than a Baby’s Bottom! | How I Retain Baby-Soft Skin.

My “No Makeup” Makeup Look!

The key to mastering the natural makeup look is finding products that complement your natural beauty. The right products should enhance your natural features, glamorizing your skin-tone and texture. Almost entirely using makeup brands that are natural and cruelty-free is essential in selecting products for my sensitive skin. With the help of the products listed below I am able to achieve a barely-there makeup look … Continue reading My “No Makeup” Makeup Look!

Back to Basics: My Spring Skincare Regimen.

With the switch to warmer temps, Spring was the perfect time to reassess my skincare regimen and this year I’m keeping it simple. Adding new products to my existing regimen was essential in order to deal with shifts in climate and care for my skin’s developing needs. Choosing lighter, less heavy products that exfoliate, moisturize and tone my skin where essential in selecting products to … Continue reading Back to Basics: My Spring Skincare Regimen.


I’m sure you are already aware of the AMAZING benefits of Coconut Oil, from promoting healthy hair growth and improving the appearance of the skin to strengthening the immune system and aiding in digestion, the list is endless; people around the world are discovering the sensations this oil can create and it is gaining popularity throughout the world. Keeping up with Britt has teamed up … Continue reading FREE (15 OUNCE) COCONUT OIL,Your Welcome!

Keep Calm and Love Your Skin!

It has finally arrived, the season of rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection and regrowth, Spring! But a new season and warmer weather also means its time to switch our beauty routines once again. After months of harsh weather, our skin is in dire need of a beauty revamp especially since we’ll be showing more of it.  Exfoliating and Moisturizing  are key when transitioning your skincare routine Moisturizing … Continue reading Keep Calm and Love Your Skin!

DIY Flax Seed Gel

I’ve been using Flaxseed Gel in my hair for a few months now and I love it! It woks great as a styler but works equally as great as an edge control smoother. Homemade Flaxseed Gel has great benefits including: Softens and Smoothes Hair Adds Shine and Moisturizes the hair Prevents Breakage Great Source of Vitamin E Promotes Hair Growth 100% Natural and Organic Gives … Continue reading DIY Flax Seed Gel

The Secret To Dry Winter Skin….and A GIVEAWAY!!!

I’ve finally found the one, the secret ingredient to Perfect Winter Skin that is! Having experienced the wrath of this winters’ dry frigid temps, COCONUT has helped to rejuvenate, restore, and protect my skin. It has healed the excessive dryness of my face, hands and feet, resolving the issue of flaking and cracking that has particularly targeted my face. Apart from being my absolute favorite product … Continue reading The Secret To Dry Winter Skin….and A GIVEAWAY!!!

14 Hues Of LOVE Featuring Burt’s Bees

  Love at first Swipe, was my instant reaction to the new Burt’s Bees Lipstick Collection. The collection includes 14 full-coverage vibrant shades made with 100% naturally moisturizing ingredients like Beeswax, Red Raspberry Seed and Moringa Oils. The lipsticks all have a smooth satin finish and and helps hydrate and moisturize your lips throughout the day. Don’t let the number 14 fool you, there is … Continue reading 14 Hues Of LOVE Featuring Burt’s Bees

How To Get The Perfect Pedicure With This Simple Nail Hack.

Just because were forced to hide our toes under chunky wool socks and sturdy weather-proof doesn’t mean we should neglect our toes. Treat yourself to an at-home Pedicure with this simple nail hack. FIRST….. Remove any old nail polish. After trimming your nails to your desired length, file and smooth the surface of your nails with a buffer, creating a clean even layer. *OPTIONAL At … Continue reading How To Get The Perfect Pedicure With This Simple Nail Hack.

What’s in my Make-up Bag?!?

The contents of a women’s Makeup Bag says a lot about her lifestyle and her choice of cosmetics; the products in your bag should reflect your lifestyle and cater to your unique beauty needs. Traveling with a Makeup Bag daily ensures that we look our best throughout the day. It also allows us to keep up with our hygiene and beauty/skincare routines when we are … Continue reading What’s in my Make-up Bag?!?

PILING ON THE LAYERS: Updating Your Skincare Regimen for the Winter!

 Winter is vastly approaching, lower temps and drier air calls for heavy creams and serums to protect our skin. Piling on layers is essential to protect our skin form drying out in the frigid cold temps, it also helps product  our skin from breakouts that could result from overly dry skin. Just using a Facial Moisturizer sometimes is just not enough, this is why adding natural serums, oils and creams are important in out winter skincare regimens. But lets face it not everyone’s skin works the same, the most important thing to remember is to know exactly how your skin works, what personalized routine works best for your skin, and what products maintain results. 

Continue reading “PILING ON THE LAYERS: Updating Your Skincare Regimen for the Winter!”