Brighten up your home for Spring with these super adorable emoji planters with succulents. In addition to being great decorative pieces, succulents are easy plants to care for. They require minimal maintenance, can survive year-round, can live in almost anything and best of all, you can use their cuttings to grow more succulents. This DIY project is an easy, inexpensive way to add Spring greens … Continue reading DIY EMOJI PLANTERS

Keep Calm and Love Your Skin!

It has finally arrived, the season of rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection and regrowth, Spring! But a new season and warmer weather also means its time to switch our beauty routines once again. After months of harsh weather, our skin is in dire need of a beauty revamp especially since we’ll be showing more of it.  Exfoliating and Moisturizing  are key when transitioning your skincare routine Moisturizing … Continue reading Keep Calm and Love Your Skin!

DIY Flax Seed Gel

I’ve been using Flaxseed Gel in my hair for a few months now and I love it! It woks great as a styler but works equally as great as an edge control smoother. Homemade Flaxseed Gel has great benefits including: Softens and Smoothes Hair Adds Shine and Moisturizes the hair Prevents Breakage Great Source of Vitamin E Promotes Hair Growth 100% Natural and Organic Gives … Continue reading DIY Flax Seed Gel

12 Closet Hacks From My Small Closet That Will De-clutter Your Closet Too!

 1. OPEN SHELVING Open shelving in a small closet has great benefits, from enhancing the overall look of your closet to maximizing storage and space, a great alternative for a small space. It instantly adds a more organized look to your small space giving you the option of folding your clothes and creating a neater appearance. Open shelving also gives your closet more depth allowing … Continue reading 12 Closet Hacks From My Small Closet That Will De-clutter Your Closet Too!

How To Get The Perfect Pedicure With This Simple Nail Hack.

Just because were forced to hide our toes under chunky wool socks and sturdy weather-proof doesn’t mean we should neglect our toes. Treat yourself to an at-home Pedicure with this simple nail hack. FIRST….. Remove any old nail polish. After trimming your nails to your desired length, file and smooth the surface of your nails with a buffer, creating a clean even layer. *OPTIONAL At … Continue reading How To Get The Perfect Pedicure With This Simple Nail Hack.

Keeping up with Britt


I finally found an outlet where I can share my love for Beauty, Fashion, Food, Photography and Graphic Design in a way that allows me to inspire and help others in their everyday lives; a place that allows me to apply my creative gift to all aspects of my life and share them with you! WELCOME, to my happy place, a daily guide to beauty, … Continue reading WELCOME !