3 Beneficial Supplements To Include In Your Diet

I may not be a nutritionist yet, but I do know a thing or two about the importance of essential vitamins and minerals for proper functioning of the body. Therefore, If your diet isn’t rich in fruits, vegetables and nutritious foods, you are probably deficient in essential vitamins and nutrients that are vital to your overall health.  And while many of us do consume comparatively … Continue reading 3 Beneficial Supplements To Include In Your Diet

My Zero Waste Journey!

In efforts of being more environmentally conscious, thus living my values, I’ve decided to embrace a zero waste lifestyle. WHAT IS A  ZERO WASTE LIFESTYLE? Started by Bea Johnson and popularized by Lauren Singer, zero waste is a movement to reduce the amount of trash produced each year, thus encouraging the recondition of resource life cycles so that all products can be reused. I will … Continue reading My Zero Waste Journey!

Fuel your holiday with this FREE box of Primal Kitchen bars!

There’s a multitude of so-called “nutrition bars” out there, but the truth is, a lot of them are chock-full of refined sugars, hydrogenated oils, and artificial ingredients. Don’t fret, a healthy alternative is here, and it’s just as tasty! Primal Kitchen Coconut Cashew Bars—full of wholesome ingredients—will fuel your mornings and midday cravings without the sugar rush. Primal Kitchen Coconut Cashew bars go back to … Continue reading Fuel your holiday with this FREE box of Primal Kitchen bars!


Want to improve the overall health of your  hair and scalp while retaining length?? The a natural wooden hair brush and/or comb is an absolute staple. Whether you have super thick curly hair or really fine straight fine hair, you hair can benefit tremendously from using a natural wooden or bamboo hair brush with minimal effort. Bamboo is a natural self-generating resource that provides both … Continue reading 6 REASONS EVERYONE SHOULD USE A WOODEN HAIR BRUSH


There is a lot to celebrate in the month of October! The month itself is symbolic for many important national causes and observations including: Adopt a Shelter Dog Month Awareness Month Breast Cancer Awareness Month Domestic Violence Awareness Month Lupus Awareness Month National Diabetes Month National Vegetarian Month Here are a few other daily celebrations and special days to celebrate this October 2016: October 1 … Continue reading 41 THINGS TO CELEBRATE IN OCTOBER | 2016


Normally mealtime is a simple daily experience most adults engage in everyday. But for some this can be a difficult challenge especially in social settings. Picky eaters, fussy eaters or selective eaters are individuals who display a complete lack of interest in a wide variety of foods, individuals who displays an unwillingness to try new foods outside of the small selection of foods that they … Continue reading CONFESSIONS OF A PICKY EATER…

DRIED FRUIT vs. FRESH FRUIT | Do you know the difference?

Dried Fruit and Fresh Fruit are both healthy nutrient-dense foods, but is there a real difference in nutritional value? While fresh fruit has long been considered the best choice, dried fruits contain many of the same benefits. As “we eat with our eyes first”, often times we are to more likely to opt for dried fruit as it may appear to have a more sugary … Continue reading DRIED FRUIT vs. FRESH FRUIT | Do you know the difference?


When it comes to Apple’s latest release of the iPhone S, size does not matter! An upgraded look to the popular iPhone 5/5S with color option of Silver, Gold, Space Gray, and Rose Gold the iPhone SE  perfectly designed 4-inch retina display makes everything look vivid and sharp. It is crafted from bead-blasted aluminum with a satin-like finish, perfectly designed to fit comfortably in the palm … Continue reading BRITTNEY DISHES |iPHONE SE REWIEW + DEMO

BRITTNEY DISHES | How I Kicked My Spring Allergies In A Week!

Allergies are at an all time high in the U.S this year and is predicted to last through the summer. With pollen counts reaching extremely high volumes, this could possibly be the worst allergy season we’ve experienced in many years according to experts. A recent on-fall of a “pollen tsunami” in combination with the mild, wet winter we’ve recently endured is believed to be the … Continue reading BRITTNEY DISHES | How I Kicked My Spring Allergies In A Week!


Brighten up your home for Spring with these super adorable emoji planters with succulents. In addition to being great decorative pieces, succulents are easy plants to care for. They require minimal maintenance, can survive year-round, can live in almost anything and best of all, you can use their cuttings to grow more succulents. This DIY project is an easy, inexpensive way to add Spring greens … Continue reading DIY EMOJI PLANTERS


Spring is in the air! Tis the season of rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection and regrowth. The perfect time for store away your heavy winter coat and get a head start on this list of things to do for the spring season: A A is for AERIFY. Keep allergies and hay fever in check this spring by purifying the air in your home. If you have springtime … Continue reading THE ULTIMATE SPRING TO DO LIST! ( A-Z)


Here is a compilation of my January Food Favorites, featuring foods from two of my favorite brands, TRADER JOE’S and THRIVE MARKET!  Use this special code to try Thrive Market for 1 month FREE! – Thrivemarket.com/KeepupwithBritt SEE WHICH ITEMS MADE THE LIST! ♡ FOOD SHOULD TASTE GOOD – Multigrain Tortilla Chips, Thrivemarket.com ♡ ANNIE’S – Organic Berry Fruit Snacks, Thrivemarket.com ♡ WAY BETTER SNACKS – Sweet Potato Tortilla … Continue reading JANUARY FOOD FAVORITES


As we all already know, Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and we should never go a day without it, however, not all breakfast dishes are created equal and only a “Healthy Breakfast”  should be consumed daily. But is having a “Healthy Breakfast” really that important? If so what are the benefits? and what constitutes a “Healthy Breakfast” anyway? Eating a Healthy … Continue reading BREAKFAST ETIQUETTE!

25 Self-Boosting Quotes To Live By 

Here are a few of my favorite YOGI TEA TAG QUOTES to live by:   “Be proud of who you are “Live light, travel light, spread the light, be the light”. “Appreciate yourself and honor your soul”. “Share your strengths and not your weakness”. “A relaxed mind is a creative mind”. “The purpose of life is to enjoy every moment”. “Let your heart guide you”. “I am … Continue reading 25 Self-Boosting Quotes To Live By 


Why do we make these long list of goals every year filled with “objectives” we never achieve? Whether it’s a personal or professional goal most of us abandon our goals or “new years resolutions” before coming remotely close to accomplishing them. The response is usually, “I’ll do it later”, “I have a lot on my plate right now”, or “it’s harder than I thought”, but maybe the goals … Continue reading 7 GOALS FOR 2016 EVERYONE SHOULD ACCOMPLISH !

What’s in my Lunch Bag?!?

Packing a lunch weekly for work school or work is a great direction towards a healthier lifestyle especially with the start of the New Year. Apart from saving tons of money weekly, bringing lunch to work or school allows you to practice your cooking skills ensuring that your lunch is prepared exactly the way you want it, ingredients, taste and all. With the freedom of … Continue reading What’s in my Lunch Bag?!?