What’s in my Make-up Bag?!?

The contents of a women’s Makeup Bag says a lot about her lifestyle and her choice of cosmetics; the products in your bag should reflect your lifestyle and cater to your unique beauty needs. Traveling with a Makeup Bag daily ensures that we look our best throughout the day. It also allows us to keep up with our hygiene and beauty/skincare routines when we are … Continue reading What’s in my Make-up Bag?!?


After weeks of searching for a new planner, I’ve finally found the right one! The Create 365 Happy Planner “My Life” 18-month planner is definitely an upgrade from my usual target planners, let’s just say that it’s the best planner I’ve ever used! Superior in quality, functionality, compactness, and the undeniable “cuteness factor”, the Create 365 “My Life planner was worth the retail price of … Continue reading BRITTNEY DISHES| CREATE 365™ THE HAPPY PLANNER™

T.G.I.F – Thank Goodness It’s FALL!

30 THINGS TO DO THIS FALL! Decorate your home with beautiful Fall decor pieces. Post a colorful Fall pic with leaves on your Instagram page. Try the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte or make your own version! Hold a Food Drive to support people in need. Learn to Knit. Bake an Apple Pie! Enjoy the melodies of a Live Orchestra at Carnegie Hall. Carve a Pumpkin! Host a … Continue reading T.G.I.F – Thank Goodness It’s FALL!


CHICKEN PESTO PASTA INGREDIENTS Grape Tomatoes Grilled Chicken Breast 2 cup Fresh Basil 1 1/2 clove Garlic Olive Oil 1/2 cup Walnuts 1 cup Olive Oil Penne Pasta Noodles TO MAKE Using a hand mixer or blender blend/mix olive oil, basil and walnuts together until smooth, add in salt and pepper to taste. Add in cooked pasta noodles, grilled chicken breasts and sliced grape tomatoes, … Continue reading WHAT I ATE TODAY | Lunch

10 Things to do Every Night to have the Best Morning Ever!

1. Prepare your Lunch. Shave minutes off of your morning routine by preparing your Lunch for school or work overnight. Preparing your Lunch the night before school or work insures that your mornings are as simple and effortless as possible, with your only task being “grab and go”. In addition to being a healthier more nutritious option, packing a lunch for work or school is … Continue reading 10 Things to do Every Night to have the Best Morning Ever!

12 Foods that promotes Beautiful, Clear and Glowing Skin!

The desire for beautiful skin has been sought after for thousands of years. It remains the number one beauty trend across every race and culture. The fascination with beautiful skin has turned the beauty industry into a billion dollar industry and women around the world are lining up for the next breakthrough clear skin product. Every now and then products are launched that claims to … Continue reading 12 Foods that promotes Beautiful, Clear and Glowing Skin!


HOMEMADE SALSA & CHIPS PREP TIME : 5 minutes      COOK TIME : 0 minutes      TOTAL TIME: About 5 minutes     SERVES: 2-3 Recipe By: Brittney Grant INGREDIENTS 3 Tomatoes 1/2 Lime 1/2  cup Cilantro 1/2 Red Pepper 1/2 Red Onion 1/2 Yellow Pepper TO MAKE In a large bowl combine all the ingredients together. Allow mix to chill in the refrigerator … Continue reading WHAT I ATE TODAY| Snack


Summer is indeed coming to an end but with temperatures still in scorching high numbers we need to keep our bodies cool. Instead of turning on your AC, you can cool your body naturally from the inside out with these easy refreshing homemade drinks. COOL-AID #1 – NATURAL COCONUT WATER BENEFITS Boost Hydration Balance Electrolytes Balance PH Natural Carbohydrates (Low) Provides Energy Quenches Thirst Promotes … Continue reading COOL-Aid!

24 things to do in Brooklyn before the Summer ends!

1. Something ADVENTUROUS… Take an unforgettable canoe trip down a toxic channel at the Gowanus Canal. 2. Something ROMANTIC… Go for a romantic walk on the board with #Bae at Brooklyn Bridge Park. 3. Something PHYSICAL… Have fun while getting fit with the ultimate in-door cycling class at  Soul Cycle. 4. Something APPETIZING… Enjoy an intimate dinner with friends at Piccoli Trattoria, and experience some of … Continue reading 24 things to do in Brooklyn before the Summer ends!

BRITTNEY DISHES| Kitchen Surfing

Great friends, good food and lots of laughs, “I wish every morning could start like this”; An instant response to my past Kitchensurfing experience this March. Is it really possible to have a 3 course meal equipped with a private chef, a stellar ambiance and all your close girlfriends from the comfort of your own home? Yes, indeed, and with  Kitchensurfing I got just that! Kitchensurfing is … Continue reading BRITTNEY DISHES| Kitchen Surfing

What I ate today| Breakfast

FRENCH TOAST INGREDIENTS 2 Slice Whole Wheat Bread 1 Egg 1/2 cup Milk 1 tablespoon Ground Cinnamon 1/2 teaspoon Vanilla Extract (optional) TO MAKE In a large bowl beat together egg, milk, ground, cinnamon, and vanilla extract. Heat a lightly oiled pan over medium heat. Soak each bread slice in mixture for 20 seconds on each side. Cook bread to each side until lightly brown … Continue reading What I ate today| Breakfast

Summer Skincare Products

  Summer is here, so ditch the heavy creams and greasy serums we needed to protect our skin from the frigid cold temps of winter because summer is all about “Less is more”. Piling on excess product as temperatures rise will only lead to clogged pores and breakouts and who has time for breakouts especially with your luxury vacation is around the corner! But lets face it, … Continue reading Summer Skincare Products


In addition to bringing order to your week, having a routine helps to simplify your work day and personal life, allowing you to effectively manage your time. It helps to ensure on-time completion of important projects while giving you the opportunity to indulge in responsible leisurely activities. Having a weekly routine allows me to take control of my week and time. I am able to … Continue reading WORK. EAT. SLEEP. REPEAT

20 Random Facts about Britt……

I enjoy spending time alone. I hate desserts and don’t eat chocolate, ice cream, cupcakes, pies or most other dessert dishes. (I know, wired right, that’s what everyone says) I am a perfectionist. I have a HUGE fear of enclosed spaces, as they make me feel trapped. (Elevators, Airplanes, The Subway Station, Small Rooms) I had a near fatal experience when I was 10 years old. I … Continue reading 20 Random Facts about Britt……